Films of WAM Oct. 2017
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Winning WAM Film  "Witness" Written byTobias Christopher   Directed by Bryan Gaver
Hush by Jo'Nell Hohn
Ghost Boat
by Octavian Repede
by Biond Emra
Guess Who
by Tony Waghorne
by by Studi Bless
Rest in Pieces
by Christal VanEtten
Pluck Trick
by Siva Kumar
Tarot Dichotomy
by Scott Ennis
The Box
by Promepetch Suwanchote
by Vladimir Bayandin
Happy Birthday Second place by Pedro Rudolphi
Girl Power
by Anthony Lopez
A big thank you to all the filmmakers, as well as the talented host of Friday Night Frights Anthony Dluzak and the awesome Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma, WA.
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Films of WAM Oct. 2017