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What is the Tacoma Film Alliance

The Tacoma Film Alliance is a collective of filmmakers and artists in the Greater Puget Sound area that are passionate about making films, and want to have fun doing it. We are a registered non-profit with the state of Washington and strive to support and promote motion picture artists via resources, networking, and education.

Why are things a bit buggy and incomplete feeling?

Because it is. We're working hard to get this updated and fully functional as soon as possible. We have a lot of great features in mind, so if you could bare with us while we get through the hard parts we'd really appreciate it.

Why use the Tacoma Film Alliance website?

While we are just getting started, we have a lot of goals for the site. We want it to become the best resource for all of your filmmaking needs. This includes databases full of the local actors/actresses, writers, directors, editors, audio engineers, music supervisors, etc. The more people sign up, the more people you'll be able to find! So be sure to tell all of your motion picture artists friends about it.

Are you just trying to create another crappy social media site?

No. This isn't Facebook and we don't ever want it to be. What we do want is for this site to become your resource for finding local talent and shoot locations. We'll also be communicating all of the fun events and happenings that we'll be hosting!

How can people find me for their next project?

In order for you to be searchable in our database, you must fill out your information located on the My info page. Once you fill in your information and update your headshot, you'll be listed in our talent database.
Note: You will not show up in this list until you fill in your information. It is important to do so!

What's the "Slingshot" and how do I join?

Slingshot is a monthly project produced by the Tacoma Film Alliance. The goal of Slingshot is to produce at least 1 short film per month, with the goal of building your confidence and experience in filmmaking.

Joining is easy! Simply go to to sign up!

What's the WAM?

"WAM" stands for "Wait A Minute". "The WAM" is a yearly film festival that is held by the TFA, typically in October/November. The criteria for the films change, but the premise is that each film can only be 1 minute long. This creates a unique challenge for filmmakers to try and tell their best story in 60 seconds.


How do I update my profile?

In the top level navigation, click on 'Account' Once that page loads, in the sub-level tabs, find "My Info", and you'll see a form that will allow you to change all of your personal information. None of your information will ever leave this site. Only the most basic information is required.
The information will only ever be used within the confines of this website.

What do we do with the data that you enter?

Like, nothing. We're creating databases FOR YOU TO USE, and that's it. We will never look at the data you enter in the database, and will never EVER change or sell your information. This site is for you, and if you're not happy with what we're offering, please contact us and let us know how we can do better.

How do I change my profile picture

Your profile picture is displayed to you on all of the TFA website pages. In order to change it, click on the circular avatar that displays. Once you've clicked the avatar, a dialog will display asking you to select the photo that you want to upload.

new_releases Not a member?

Here's why you should register for the TFA today!

  • We're awesome people and want to work with you!
  • We have cool toys and are willing to share!
  • We know all the good spots to film, and you'll get access to our database of filmable locations!
  • We're trying to build a goddamned community. Quit being a turd and join.