What is the Splattermouse Film Competition?

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The Splatter Mouse Horror Film Competition is being held in partnership with the Tacoma Film Alliance, Friday Night Frights, Frighthouse Square and The Blue Mouse Theatre. The event will be held at the historic Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma WA, the City of Destiny. This will be first and foremost a film festival and competition but will be much more than the standard screenings and prizes. The Splattermouse will have the added spectacular presentation of an old style horror spook show. A horror variety show of this kind has not been seen in decades! You won't believe what we have in store for you and your film. This event is "destined" to be become a yearly major attraction, featuring special guest judges, lots of surprises and other things that go bump in the night. What a great way for your film to be presented on the big screen at an event that the audience will be talking about for years!

The legendary Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma is Washington's oldest continuously operating theater that opened its doors on November 23, 1923. We're pretty sure there are more than a few ghosts that haunt the aisles, and more than likely, there will be even more at this unique fun festival.

Don't dream it, be it. Local filmmakers? Have a few scary shorts in your closet? Submit it! Want to create a brand new terrifying masterpiece for this event? Do that too! Basically, if your horror film is local and is either already complete, or will be before the final deadline, it is fair game for the competition. Submit your film/s and get in with this exciting film competition. Winning filmmakers get free tickets and other cash prizes based on the amount of entries.

Entries will be viewed and selected by our panel of special guest judges. Depending on the amount and length of the entries, finalists will be screened at the Splattermouse event. From the feature length films submitted, one film will be chosen as the winner in that category and will win a special award. All short films selected will go on to compete at the event and will be eligible to win the coveted audience award!

Filmmakers must be local to enter this competition, coming from the Tacoma area, and roughly a 50 mile radius around it. That covers Olympia to Seattle and all points between. So submit your film and bring your buddies on down to the historic Blue Mouse Theatre on July 24th 2020 for a grand macabre experience.

A handful of local filmmakers have banded together to create a one-of-a-kind event, a gourmet concoction of horror films, screening at the historical Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma WA. on July 24th 2020.

This horror themed competition and screening is to celebrate the unique craft of local film making as well as support the legendary Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma WA.

It's called Splatter Mouse for a reason, ;) all films must be horror themed.

Awards and Prizes

Prizes to be determined by number of entry submissions.

Rules & Terms

All films submitted must fall into the horror genre. However, they can also fall into sub-genres such as "horror comedy" "Horror sci-fi" or "horror romance", etc., just so long as they are horror films in some capacity.

Must be a local Filmmaker within a 50 mile radius of Tacoma WA. Olympia, all the way up to Seattle and all points between.